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Congratulations to Verity and Ken!

It has been said often but bears repeating: one of the most surprising but wonderful by-products of blogging are the friendships that have been forged through a shared passion for books.  I consider myself blessed to have met (in real life and virtually) so many people who I have an affinity with, “kindred spirits” as [...]

Virago Reading Week

In lieu of home internet access (*hopefully* resolved by next week) to type up a post I am providing a sneaky insight into what I am reading for Rachel and Carolyn’s Virago Reading Week.  Reviews of both will be something to look forward to when I return. In the meantime I am joining in the reading week by, [...]

Festive Acquisitions

A special seasonal Recent Acquisitions post for you including only those books received as gifts over Christmas. Firstly, from my lovely, generous boyfriend (whom you may remember gave me this wonderful website last Christmas) I received Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn, an epistolary novel that I have been wanting to read for a few [...]

Recent Acquisitions

I have amassed many books recently through the kindness of publishers and of blogging friends.  In fact, as I was drafting this post I realised that I had acquired even more when I discovered a book stack photograph that I had forgotten to share with you. The gifts in this pile are the ones teetering [...]

Publishing Experience

In my last post I may have unintentionally misled some of you in regards to the identity of the publisher playing host to me at the moment.  Although Virago and Persephone Books are an imprint and publisher, respectively, that I would love to work for and where most of you thought my placement is, I [...]

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