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Claire’s Corner

With sporadic blogging over the last few months it has been a while since I posted a Claire’s Corner; it has also been a ridiculously long time since I have posted a review (a subjective and personal response to a book read), which is the main subject of this post.  I have mentioned that I [...]

Publishing Experience Pt. 2

In the comments to the first part of my Publishing Experience account Karen of Book Bath asked to learn more about a typical day in the publishing world; I would have to say from my limited experience that there was no typical day for me.  Now it may be that for a fully-fledged publicity assistant [...]

Imbibing Cautiously

Better late than never, this is my sign-up post for Carl’s Readers Imbibing Peril V Challenge, which officially commenced on September 1st.  I was caught up in the infection of the first posts that did the rounds, reading everyone’s selections with fascination and a covetous heart, but I’ve been busy on a course for the [...]


My Christmas-themed reading mainly consisted of Hogfather by Terry Pratchett as I have less reading time over the festive period than I had imagined. However, it was the perfect holiday reading as I could pick it up here and there and be amused for forty so pages before eating and being merry and then return [...]

Unseen Academicals

A new Terry Pratchett novel is always an exciting thing and for the last few years I have always bought a copy for my boyfriend, the gift being a pretext for the opportunity to read it after (although once sneakily before) him. This year I actually received a review copy from Doubleday, which was very [...]

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