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Claire's Corner

Thank you all for celebrating my first blog birthday with me; I appreciated your warm and thoughtful comments.  I was also interested in seeing which books I have highlighted over the past year were selected should you win my give-away; I was delighted to see so many of you coveting my favourite Persephone book, Lady [...]

The Cat Inside

Today’s post was supposed to be the third installment of my I Am a Cat review but, despite the additional month for the read-along, I am running behind; expect my thoughts later in the week.  As it is though, I do have something -well, two somethings- cat-related.  In my post on the first volume of [...]

On the Bedside Table

Do you have several books on the go at once? I’m usually what you would consider a monogamous reader: a girl who is loyal to one book at a time; occasionally though I read a few books at once, especially longer classics and books that I am reading over an extended period of time. Books [...]

I Am a Cat Vol. II

I have enjoyed Volume II of I Am a Cat as much as I have Volume I, probably more so as I have become immersed in the novel and attuned to its narrator and satirical humour. I Am a Cat is highly amusing with wry perceptions through the eyes of a cat. Volume II has [...]

I Am a Cat Vol.1

I am a Cat. As yet I have no name. I Am a Cat by Sōseki Natsume began as a short story, which makes up chapter one of Volume one, but due to its success was extended into a three-volume book that is now a Japanese classic. Highly readable, I Am a Cat is narrated [...]

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