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It’s a Grey, Grey Christmas…

First of all, apologies for the delayed Persephone Secret Santa reveal and thank you to my co-host Verity for holding down the fort and providing a full list of this year’s recipients.  I have had a crazy week month year and have been feeling a little under-the-weather.  However, it is often in times of manic [...]

Persephone Secret Santa is Coming to Town!

When my dear friend Verity asked if I would be organising Persephone Secret Santa again this year and whether I needed a co-host this time, I knew I had been presented with the best opportunity to return to blogging.   Persephone Books and blogging have, in many ways, become synonymous for me as they are [...]

Congratulations to Verity and Ken!

It has been said often but bears repeating: one of the most surprising but wonderful by-products of blogging are the friendships that have been forged through a shared passion for books.  I consider myself blessed to have met (in real life and virtually) so many people who I have an affinity with, “kindred spirits” as [...]

One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four … and Five…

*Blows away the cobwebs* Hello.  Apologies for the unscheduled -and lengthy- blogging break and thank you for all of the concerned and thoughtful messages I have received. I have missed you but have been missing-in-action because I started a new, long-term job at DK, which has been both exhilarating and exhausting.  However, I am striving [...]

The Persephone Oscars

The weekend has drawn to a close but the Persephone adulation is still going strong.  Verity kindly posted our last round-up this morning and it was our largest yet!  A quick peek at my Google Reader confirms that there have even been a few more posts that have filtered through since.  We rounded up 100+ [...]

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