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Publishing Experience

In my last post I may have unintentionally misled some of you in regards to the identity of the publisher playing host to me at the moment.  Although Virago and Persephone Books are an imprint and publisher, respectively, that I would love to work for and where most of you thought my placement is, I [...]

Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa

When I asked in my recent acquisitions post which book you suspected I had already read, nobody guessed Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa.  One of the shortest books on the stack and also by the same writer of one of my favourite reads of the year so far, it was a natural choice for me; [...]

Japanese Literature Challenge

I’m not a great one for completing reading challenges; I love the excitement to begin with and going through my books (and books I want to read but don’t yet have) and compiling a list for the challenge but  for me that’s the most exciting part.   Soon I become bogged down by not having met [...]

Claire’s Corner

The latest installments of The Bloomsbury Group series -complete with vibrantly coloured covers- arrived at Paperback Reader abode today (published in the UK July 5th).  The one I am most excited about reading is the double-header photographed above: Mrs Harris Goes to Paris & Mrs Harris Goes to New York (or, And Other Adventures, as [...]

Fireworks by Angela Carter

Lorna Sage (author, literary critic, and great friend of Angela Carter) described Carter’s writing as “pyrotechnic – fuelled with ideas, packed with images and spangling the night with her starry language”; the complimentary accolade connotes an image of fireworks.  The short fiction collection of the same name, her first collection of short stories, came relatively [...]

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