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A fresh page

Happy New Year! I don’t tend to make many New Year resolutions but I made one this year to blog more frequently.  Stepping back from blogging in 2011 was good for me as it allowed me more time to focus on my career and my personal life and it was also good for my reading.  [...]

Festive Acquisitions

A special seasonal Recent Acquisitions post for you including only those books received as gifts over Christmas. Firstly, from my lovely, generous boyfriend (whom you may remember gave me this wonderful website last Christmas) I received Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn, an epistolary novel that I have been wanting to read for a few [...]

Imbibing Cautiously

Better late than never, this is my sign-up post for Carl’s Readers Imbibing Peril V Challenge, which officially commenced on September 1st.  I was caught up in the infection of the first posts that did the rounds, reading everyone’s selections with fascination and a covetous heart, but I’ve been busy on a course for the [...]

Recent Acquisitions

Ahem.  I seem to have acquired a good few books over the last month.  A number of these, if not all, have transpired from my recent desire to return to my reading roots and the above reflect my true and yet diverse reading tastes.  Very few of the titles are actually new fiction but those [...]

Secret Santas!

Officially it may be January but my heart is still with Christmas. I was surrounded by a blanket of white whilst I was home for the holidays and returned to normality when I arrived back to London … until today when I woke to white flurries once again. I was sad to take down my [...]

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