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Publishing Experience

In my last post I may have unintentionally misled some of you in regards to the identity of the publisher playing host to me at the moment.  Although Virago and Persephone Books are an imprint and publisher, respectively, that I would love to work for and where most of you thought my placement is, I [...]


You may have noticed that my blogging has been somewhat sporadic of late.  This has been for a myriad of reasons; I have been busier than normal with several projects and a busy calendar, which is going to become even more chaotic over the coming months.  However, I have also been a bit of a [...]


Today I would like to welcome The Classics Circuit to my blog as one of the stops in the Harlem Renaissance Tour. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement of literary and artistic expression during the 1920s and 30s that sprang up amongst the African American population of Harlem, New York. I studied the period of [...]

To the Lighthouse

I meant nothing by The Lighthouse. One has to have a central line down the middle of the book to hold the design together. I saw that all sorts of feelings would accrue to this but I refused to think them out, and trusted that people would make it the deposit of their emotions – [...]

Animal Farm

These scenes of terror and slaughter were not what they had looked forward to on that night when old Major first stirred them into rebellion. If she herself had had any picture of the future, it had been of a society of animals set free from hunger and the whip, all equal, each working according [...]

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