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Paper Towns by John Green

John Green’s writing has been described as being privy to “a secret you can’t wait to divulge” and “like a John Hughes film… quirky and funny [mixed with] Sofia Coppola” (both in relation to his first novel, Looking for Alaska); Nymeth -recommendation reliant- is of the belief that “John Green can do no wrong”; my [...]

Recent Acquisitions

Here is a bundle of my latest review copies (and one competition win)  for the bibliophilic voyeurs amongst you.  Many thanks to Kirsty of Oxford University Press; Alice of Bloomsbury; Meike of Peirene Press; Fiona of Vintage; Harvey of Windmill and Rosamund of Penguin for supplying my summer, challenge and classic reading needs.  I read [...]

Precious by Sapphire

Precious by Sapphire is a book -and adapted film – that is emotionally draining; I hasten to use the word “harrowing” as I know it is a word that can immediately deter readers of novels from a blurb, but it is a story of social deprivation; child abuse and molestation; incest; teenage pregnancy; sexual disease; [...]

Recent Acquisitions

This latest installment of recent acquisitions actually filtered in book by book a few weeks ago but I haven’t had a chance to post about them until now.  These all happen to be review copies sent my publishers but I do have some purchases to share soon. Alice from Bloomsbury sent me a copy of [...]

Recent Acquisitions

When I arrived home from London earlier this week I was greeted to a number of book parcels, which cheered me some after a dreadful train (well, six trains) journey and five-hour delay due to signal failure on the west-coast and and then a smashed car window awaiting us. There are a couple more proof [...]

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